Nepal cabs service  Pvt. Ltd has been established by a group of young, energetic, highly experienced and qualified personals. The main aim of this company is to promote Nepal tourism destinations Transportation company . Many adventure activities that are new for adventure lovers from the globe. We are very conscious about the private car jeep Luxury car wadding car  service for our clients. You can meet our team below. we are a Fully Government Authorized Company.

Kedar Neupane - Chairman

Kedar Neupane is president and managing director of Actual Himalayan Group. In this role, he is responsible for all administrative, financial marketing as well as the company‚Äôs s strategy and almost all roles. Mr Neupane founded this company in 10th January, 2010, and continues in his responsibilities from that date till.

Prior to founding the company, Mr Neupane was manager in the other similar company from 2007 to 2010. And work in other sector as executive

Sujan Neupane - Managing Director

Sujan Neupane is the managing director of Nepal Cab Service. He has completed his high school and started career in this field since 10 years. He has been involved in many tourism and non tourism business.

He has completed several courses of trekking, mountaineering, ticketing and first aid. He has well experienced in tourism sector and has an experience in airlines reservation,hotel reservation, vehicle hiring and so on. He is fluent in English, Hindi and Other foreign languages too.

Pratima Bhandari - Finance Head

Pratima Bhandari was born in Thokarpa, Sindhupalchok After completion of schooling from Thokarpa ,she further enrolled for in Biology .Additionally ,she accomplished her BBA from sanotimi Campus  & completed  her master in business management from TU in 2016. She also started working in one of the paint manufacturing company at Kathmandu, Nepal since 2013. During 2013 she also started own business at Sindhupalchok  and also continue her job at Kathmandu. However ,her greater passion towards travelling & adventure  motivates to join RTR Group  as Financial Head in 2019.

Sukdev Timalsina - Marketing Manager

Mr.timalsina is Marketing executives, also known as marketing officers or marketing coordinators, are involved in developing marketing campaigns to promote a service, product, event or campaign. While the work of a marketing executive varies depending on the type and size of the organisation and sector, the role broadly includes planning, organizing events, sponsorship, advertising, public relations and research. The focus can be on selling a product, a service or raising awareness of an issue that affects the public.

Raj Neupane - Driver

Company Driver
Cavendish & Sons Inc.
Transported product to customer locations in a timely and safe manner.
Performed minor vehicle repairs as needed.
Adhered to all appropriate local and state safety regulations.

Suman Tamang - SUV Driver

Passenger Transport: In the case of a car driver who transports passengers, their main responsibility is to pick up passengers at designated locations, ensure their safety during the journey, and drop them off at their destination. They may work for taxi services, ride-sharing platforms, private individuals, or companies.

Goods Transport: Some car drivers are involved in transporting goods or cargo. They may work for delivery services, logistics companies, or businesses that require transportation of products. These drivers need to ensure the secure loading and unloading of goods and follow specific instructions related to the delivery process.

Route Planning: Car drivers often need to plan their routes effectively to reach the destination in a timely manner. They may use maps, GPS devices, or navigation systems to determine the best and shortest routes, considering traffic conditions and any specific instructions or preferences provided.

Vehicle Maintenance: Car drivers are usually responsible for the maintenance and cleanliness of the vehicle they operate. They should regularly inspect the vehicle, check fuel and fluid levels, ensure the vehicle is in good working condition, and report any mechanical issues to the appropriate authorities.

Customer Service: For drivers involved in passenger transport, providing good customer service is essential. They should be polite, helpful, and maintain a professional demeanor when interacting with passengers. This includes assisting passengers with their belongings, providing information about the journey, and ensuring a comfortable and safe experience.

It's worth noting that specific requirements and responsibilities may vary depending on the type of car driver, the nature of the job, and local regulations. Some car drivers may need additional certifications or permits, such as a commercial driver's license (CDL) for driving larger vehicles or transporting hazardous materials.

Overall, a car driver's primary focus is on safe and efficient transportation, whether it's passengers or goods, while maintaining a high level of professionalism and customer service.