Car Rental in Pokhara

Nepal Cabs provide the car rental service from and to Pokhara as well. Pokhara is one of the famous tourist destination. If you want to have a day tour in pokhara roaming around the city then car rental is the best option provided for you. We provide the luxurious car and a driver who will be your guide as well. The tour can be done for a half day or full day according to your choice. The main tourist destination in Pokhara are Phewa Lake, International Mountain Museum, Davis fall, Pagoda, Mahendra cave, Bat Cave and so on.

  Available Vehicles for Booking

Pokhara Pokhara Full day       SightseeingCarRs 75007hr 
PokharaPokhara Fullday SightseeingVanRs 95007hr
PokharaPokhara Fullday SightseeingHiaceRs 104007hr
PokharaPokhara Fullday SightseeingCoasterRs        196007hr
PokharaPokhara Fullday SightseeingSutlej ( Bus)Rs 192007hr 
PokharaPokhara Halfday SightseeingCarRs 48004hr
PokharaPokhara Halfday SightseeingVanRs.60004hrs 
PokharaPokhara Halfday SightseeingHiaceRs 66004hrs
PokharaPokhara Halfday SightseeingCoasterRs 134004hr 
PokharaPokhara Halfday SightseeingSutlej ( Bus)Rs 123004hr 
PokharaBegnas Halgday SightseeingCarRs 45004hr 
PokharaSarankot Half Day SightseeingCarRs 45004hr 
PokharaSarankot Half Day Sightseeingjeep Rs 55004hr 
PokharaSarankot Half Day SightseeingHiaceRs 68004hr 
PokharaSarankot Half Day SightseeingCoasterRs 84004hr 
PokharaSarankot Half Day SightseeingSutlej ( Bus)Rs 93004hr 
PokharaNaudada Halfday SightseeingCarRs 55004hr 
PokharaNaudada Halfday SightseeingJeep Rs 65004hr 
PokharaNaudada Halfday SightseeingHiaceRs 85004hr 
PokharaNaudada Halfday SightseeingCoasterRs 135004hr 
PokharaNaudada Halfday SightseeingSutlej ( Bus)Rs 147504hr
PokharaNayapool DroupCarRs 450045 m
PokharaNayapool DroupVan/ JeepRs.55001hr 30 m
PokharaNayapool DroupHiaceRs.75001hr 30
PokharaNayapool DroupCoasterRs 102001hr30m 
PokharaNayapool DroupSutlej ( Bus)Rs 119001hr 30
PokharaKathmanduCarRs 125005to6hr 
PokharaKathmanduJeep Rs 186005to6hr
PokharaKathmanduHiaceRs 245006to7hr 
PokharaKathmanduSutlej (Bus)Rs 332007to8hr 
PokharaChitwanCarRs 105005 hr 
PokharaChitwanCoasterRs 250006hr 
PokharaChitwanHiaceRs 220005hr 
PokharaChitwanjeep Rs 170005hr 
PokharaChitwanSutlej (Bus)Rs 380006/30 hr 
PokharaLumbiniCarRs 150005hr 
PokharaLumbiniVanRs 220006hr 
PokharaLumbiniHiaceRs 290006hr 
PokharaLumbiniCoasterRs 375007hr 
PokharaLumbiniSutlej (Bus)Rs 52000 7hr 

Pokhara to Chitwan by car

It Costs: $ Days

if you looking for car Rental In Pokhara to Chitwan on of the best company Nepal cabs provide quickly and Luxury service in Pokhara 

Pokhara to Lumbini by car

It Costs: $ Days

Pokhara to Lumbini by car in Nepal. Keep in mind that road conditions, infrastructure, and other factors may have changed, so it's advisable to check for the latest information before planning your trip.